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Every Monday

The Original • Bearden Hill • Turkey Creek • Lenoir City • Maryville • Oak Ridge

Burgers are just $5.50 ALL DAY!


Every Wednesday

Location: Calhoun’s on the River

“Vol Calls” is the official statewide call-in radio show for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Weather permitting, the show will be held outside each week on our large patio deck overlooking the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium. The one-hour show airs at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT across the state of Tennessee.


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Special Happenings

June 13Ethan VincilLenoir City6:00
June 13Fountain City RamblersNeyland6:00
June 13Alex LeachOak Ridge6:00
June 13Deadbeat SoundrelsMaryville6:00
June 14Mike SnodgrassLenoir City7:00
June 14City LimitNeyland7:00
June 14Roscoe and Bethany MorganOak Ridge7:00
June 14Stone Broke SaintsMaryville7:00
June 15Chad McWilliamsLenoir City7:00
June 15Aaron TracyNeyland7:00
June 15Shaun AbbottOak Ridge7:00
June 15Jason EllisMaryville7:00
June 16Gas Station SushiLenoir City 6:00
June 16Jay Eric Oak Ridge 6:00
June 16Mother's Legacy Maryville6:00
June 20Jason Ellis Lenoir City6:00
June 20Foothills ExpressNeyland 6:00
June 20Fountain City RamblersOak Ridge 6:00
June 20Bluegrass Outlaws Maryville6:00
June 21City LimitLenoir City 7:00
June 21Mike SnodgrassNeyland 7:00
June 21Oak Ridge 7:00
June 21Joff Jopling Maryville7:00
June 22Jay Eric Lenoir City 7:00
June 22Uptown Moonlighting Neyland 7:00
June 22J-Luke Oak Ridge 7:00
June 22Josh Gilbert Band Maryville7:00
June 23Ethan VincilLenoir City 6:00
June 27Shaun Abbott Lenoir City6:00
June 27Firewater JunctionNeyland 6:00
June 27Bluegrass OutlawsOak Ridge6:00
June 27Alex Leach Maryville6:00
June 28Tall PaulLenoir City 7:00
June 28Tenn Pan AlleyNeyland 7:00
June 28Aaron Tracy Oak Ridge 7:00
June 28Doug Harris and Friends Maryville7:00
June 29Diva and the Black Tie Affair Lenoir City 7:00
June 29Josiah Atchley and the Greater Good Neyland 7:00
June 29Sara Collins Oak Ridge7:00
June 29J LukeMaryville7:00
June 30Ethan Vincil Lenoir City 6:00
July 4Steve Rutledge and the Groove EvolutionLenoir City 7:00
July 4Mike Snodgrass Neyland 7:00
July 4Fountain City Ramblers Oak Ridge7:00
July 4Maryville7:00
July 5RMSLenoir City 7:00
July 5Tall PaulNeyland7:00
July 5Steve LaciakOak Ridge7:00
July 5McKenzie KnappsMaryville7:00
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