Weekly Happenings


Every Monday

The Original • Bearden Hill • Turkey Creek • Maryville

Burgers start at just $7 ALL DAY!*

*Dine-In Only


Every Wednesday

Location: Calhoun’s on the River

“Vol Calls” is the official statewide call-in radio show for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Weather permitting, the show will be held outside each week on our large patio deck overlooking the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium. The one-hour show airs at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT across the state of Tennessee.


On the River Tuesday at 7:00
Lenoir City Tuesday at 7:00
Bearden Hill Wednesday at 7:00
Turkey Creek Wednesday at 7:00 and Thursday at 7:00
Oak Ridge Wednesday at 6:30

Calhoun’s Bearden Hill Sunday at 7:00
Calhoun’s Maryville Wednesday at 7:00

Special Happenings

July 29Aaron TracyLenoir City8:00
July 29Liquid VelvetNeyland7:30
July 30Dave LandeoLenoir City8:00
July 30J EricNeyland7:30
July 31Troublesome TimesLenoir City6:00
August 5Matt Roy BandLenoir City8:00
August 5AshwoodNeyland7:30
August 6City LimitLenoir City8:00
August 6Diva BTANeyland7:30
August 7Ethan VincilLenoir City6:00
August 12Mike SnodgrassLenoir City8:00
August 12Tall PaulNeyland7:30
August 13J EricLenoir City8:00
August 13Tall PaulNeyland7:30
August 14Fountain City RamblersLenoir City8:00
August 19Aaron TracyLenoir City8:00
August 19GRITZNeyland7:30
August 20RockinfellerzLenoir City8:00
August 20Brad Hudson BandNeyland7:30
August 21Troublesome TimesLenoir City6:00
August 26Liquid VelvetLenoir City8:00
August 26Cole SitzarNeyland7:30
August 27Rev 5Lenoir City8:00
August 27Uptown MoonlightingNeyland7:30
August 28Slade AdamsLenoir City6:00
September 2Ethan VincilLenoir City8:00
September 2City LimitNeyland7:30
September 3Cale CharneyNeyland7:30
September 3Sexy BeastLenior City8:00
September 4CJ AusburnLenoir City6:00
September 9Corey Zink's Classic Country Road ShowNeyland7:30
September 10Jordan FosterLenoir City8:00
September 10Brad Hudson BandNeyland7:30
September 16RMSLenoir City8:00
September 16Cole SitzlarNeyland7:30
September 17Aaron TracyLenoir City8:00
September 17Jaystorm ProjectNeyland7:30
September 23Matt Roy BandLenoir City8:00
September 23Tall PaulNeyland7:30
September 24Stephen GoffLenoir City8:00
September 24Tall PaulNeyland7:30
September 30RockinfellerzLenoir City8:00
September 30City LimitNeyland7:30
October 1Rev 5Lenoir City8:00
October 1Brad Hudson BandNeyland7:30
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