Weekly Happenings


Every Monday

The Original • Bearden Hill • Turkey Creek • Lenoir City • Maryville • Pigeon Forge • Oak Ridge

Burgers are just $5.50 ALL DAY!


Every Wednesday

Location: Calhoun’s on the River

“Vol Calls” is the official statewide call-in radio show for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Weather permitting, the show will be held outside each week on our large patio deck overlooking the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium. The one-hour show airs at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT across the state of Tennessee.


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Special Happenings

July 5Stephen GoffLenoir City6:00
July 62bytheSameCalhoun's on the River6:00
July 6Still MafiaLenoir City6:00
July 6Springfield ExitMaryville6:00
July 7Jay EricCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 7`KincaidLenoir City7:00
July 8Throttle 21Calhoun's on the River7:00
July 8Steve RutledgeLenoir City7:00
July 9Kevin HyfantisCalhoun's on the River4:00
July 9Tommie JohnLenoir City6:00
July 12Logan MurrellLenoir City6:00
July 13Outta the BlueCalhoun's on the River6:00
July 13Springfield ExitLenoir City6:00

July 13Still MafiaMaryville6:00
July 14K-Town MusicCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 14Hillbilly JediLenoir City7:00
July 15Mike SnodgrassCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 15Chad McWilliamsLenoir City7:00
July 16Jason EllisCalhoun's on the River4:00
July 16K-Town MusicLenoir City6:00
July 19Sydni StinnetteLenoir City6:00
July 20Still MafiaCalhoun's on the River6:00
July 20Outta the BlueLenoir City6:00
July 202bythesameMaryville6:00
July 21RMSCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 21Pop RoxLenoir City7:00
July 22Jay Eric Calhoun's on the River7:00
July 22Evan BurgessLenoir City7:00
July 23Chad McWilliamsCalhoun's on the River4:00
July 23Kevin HyfantisLenoir City6:00
July 26Logan MurrellLenoir City6:00
July 27Springfield ExitCalhoun's on the River6:00
July 272bythesameLenoir City6:00
July 27Outta the BlueMaryville6:00
July 28Tall PaulCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 28RMS Lenoir City7:00
July 29Tall PaulCalhoun's on the River7:00
July 29Davis MitchellLenoir City7:00
July 30Sydni StinnetteCalhoun's on the River4:00
July 30Mike SnodgrassLenoir City6:00
August 2Logan MurrellLenoir City6:00
August 32bythesameCalhoun's on the River6:00
August 3Still MafiaLenoir City6:00
August 3Springfield ExitMaryville6:00
August 4Pop RoxCalhoun's on the River7:00
August 4GRITSLenoir City7:00
August 5Sexy BeastCalhoun's on the River7:00
August 5The Beat ClubLenoir City7:00
August 6Logan MurrellCalhoun's on the River4:00
August 6Evan BurgessLenoir City6:00